Yumba Bimbi’s Exciting New Partnership with CQ University

CQ University has partnered with Yumba Bimbi Support Services to work cooperatively on activities
that will increase the capability and capacity of Yumba Bimbi staff and clients, while providing
opportunities for CQUniversity students and staff and the Central Highlands community. CQ
University Associate Vice-Chancellor (Central Highlands Region) Blake Repine and Yumba Bimbi
Support Services Chief Executive Officer Rachel Freeman recently signed a Memorandum of
Understanding that will see the two organisations working together to create and manage shared
activities. Mr Repine said he was excited to be working with Yumba Bimbi Support Services in
delivering these activities.
Under the partnership, a program of short courses will be delivered at CQ University’s Emerald
Campus that will embed literacy and numeracy in meaningful contexts. “This program will aim to
break down some of the barriers that often limit educational opportunities for people with disabilities
and will enable them to develop their capabilities and skills,” Mr Repine said. “The partnership will
also provide opportunities for Yumba Bimbi Support Services staff to undertake VET training and
education through CQ University.”
Yumba Bimbi Support Services Chief Executive Officer Rachel Freeman said in developing the short
course program, they acknowledged not only the human right of all people to access education, but
also Yumba Bimbi Support Services’ ongoing responsibility and commitment to people with disability,
stakeholders and the community. “In providing these short courses, we will promote the success,
dignity and independence of students with disabilities in a safe, enjoyable and positive learning
environment.” She said the short courses were designed around a number of topics, including preemployment
and workplace readiness skills; understanding your NDIS plan; online safety; community
safety; emotional resilience; independent living skills; money management skills; and literacy and
The first offering of short courses will be open for registration in June for commencement in Term 3.
Registration and enrollment will be managed through Yumba Bimbi Support Services.

These are the two courses we currently have on offer:

Interested in Developing Your Money Handling Skills?

Interested in Developing Your Work Readiness Skills?