Leadership Team

People are what make Yumba Bimbi such an exciting, passionate, and progressive organisation. We believe that there’s no limit to what you can achieve when you surround yourself with good people. At Yumba Bimbi the people and families we support can be assured we are all working together in positive partnerships to create life opportunities in an open and inclusive community.

Our highly qualified and experienced team is made up of skilled support workers who have a broad experience throughout the disability, child care, health, mental health, and education sectors.  Each team member shares our mission to support, and walk with people to create lifestyle solutions that enhances the quality of life of every person we support.

The Yumba Bimbi administration and leadership team draws on a wealth of experience and skill to steer us in the right direction.


Our Board

Since the very early days, Yumba Bimbi has enjoyed outstanding board leadership.  The Yumba Bimbi board play a strategic role, and make major decisions on policy, strategic goals, legal matters, and finance.  The board holds fast the vision and mission of building inclusive communities through strengthening choice and life opportunities in an open inclusive community.

The Yumba Bimbi board is made up of eight elected members who work in a voluntary capacity.  The roles include: chair, treasurer, secretary, and five additional members. These members bring to the board a diverse range of skills and experience that strengthen the organisation’s governance and standards of practice and quality.

Throughout our association with Yumba Bimbi, the calibre of staff and importantly that of leadership, has constantly astounded us. From ability, professionalism and vision, to kindness, understanding, true caring and personal presentation, they have never failed to deliver.

Jennie, Parent