All children aged 0-6 years requiring support from the NDIS will access the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Approach. The Early Childhood Early Intervention Approach is designed to create positive outcomes for young children with developmental delay or disability. Some children may only need to access support under the ECEI Approach; other children will be supported to develop an Individual Funding Plan. The type of supports offered will be different for every child and their family according to their individual needs.

Individual Funding Plan
Where a child receives an Individual Funding Plan, their family can choose how they would like to manage the funding within the plan. Yumba Bimbi is an NDIS registered provider of Early Childhood Supports. We support families to help children develop the skills they need to take part in daily activities and achieve the best possible outcomes throughout their life. We will tailor supports to specifically meet your child’s needs and their goals.

If you would like more information about how Yumba Bimbi might be able to assist your child and your family call 07) 4987 7933

Read Ben and Laura’s story

Ben started at Yumba Bimbi in July 2016. We were referred through disability services. I was very apprehensive prior to dropping Ben off. At this stage he was only 2 1/2, had very little communication and was not very proactive in telling us his needs. I met Ben’s support worker, Maddi, on the first day and immediately felt at home. I was very happy to discover that Maddi had been assigned to Ben for each of his visits so he would always see the same person.

Ben attends every Thursday in term time from 8am till 3 Pm. During this time he is kept busy and engaged doing a range of activities including baking, reading, craft, and free play. He also has a sleep in a cot provided by Yumba Bimbi during the afternoon. Maddi also regularly takes him to the library for community participation and the pool to meet one of his individual goals of learning to swim.

We have had two planning meetings about Ben‘s needs and goals since we have been there where we sit down and discuss with the Yumba Bimbi team how best we can all support Ben.

I’m also given weekly verbal updates and regular reports in his photo record book showing what he has been up to. This regular communication from Maddi and the other Yumba Bimbi team makes me feel very at ease.

One of the best things I love about Yumba Bimbi is the way they support ben’s goals. At home we often struggle with keeping Ben’s glasses on. I have always found after a full day at Yumba Bimbi he is far more corporative in this. Also if we are working on any particular task at home for example flashcards, animal words, matching mats or physio suggestions, Maddi always incorporates it into his day and keeps me updated on his progress.

We have been so grateful to all the support that we have received from Yumba Bimbi.  Ben has improved incredibly in his independence and communication over the last year and a half. He looks forward to his Thursdays and him and Maddi have developed a very special relationship.

Thanks Yumba Bimbi,