At Yumba Bimbi we believe that it is ‘Your life.  Your choice.  Your way’.  Our community access and social participation services allow you to tackle your goals head-on.  The team at Yumba Bimbi will go above and beyond to ensure that the activities and programs you choose to participate in are tailored to help you accomplish your goals and dreams.

Our team actively promote inclusion, independence, enjoyment and personal development. We emphasise active participation in the life of the local community.

We offer both individual and group support, at our day service or in the community to access social and recreational activities, to join community clubs and groups, to learn new skills and much more.  It is up to you!

Yumba Bimbi  offer  a wide range of group programs for a variety of ages some of which include:

  • Social clubs
  • After-school and holiday programs for all age groups
  • Cultural Program
  • Money management and bill paying
  • Pre-work and employment skills training
  • Book Club
  • Walkers Club
  • Creative Minds
  • Dance and Drama
  • Gardening Club
  • Fitness/Swim Squad
  • Photography
  • Baking
  • Men’s Club
  • Women’s Club
  • Mindfulness Matters
  • Cooking

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