NDIS Remote Price Guide & Temporary Transition Payment (TTP)

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As an NDIS registered provider, Yumba Bimbi Support Services charges the remote price per the current NDIS price guide. We also charge the Temporary Transition Payment (TTP).

The NDIA explains the TTP as follows:

The Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) is an additional cost providers can charge as they continue to transition to working under the NDIS.

  • The TTP is a charge on top of the base rate price limit for attendant care and community and centre-based activities.
  • Before providers can apply the TTP to prices they charge, they must inform you and confirm your acceptance of the new price.
  • You should also check your service agreement with your provider.

If providers want to charge the TTP, they must:

  • publish their service prices on their website;
  • list and keep up-to-date their business contact details in the Provider Finder; and
  • participate annually in an Agency-approved market benchmarking survey.

How does it affect you?

  • All plans are built to support your reasonable and necessary needs.
  • If you had an NDIS plan in place before 1 July 2019, an extra amount was added to your plan to take into account price changes implemented on 1 July, including TTP
  • If you have an NDIS plan put in place after 1 July 2019, your plan does not include funding specifically for TTP but your core budget is flexible and should be able to accommodate TTP.
  • The NDIA has a process that monitors utilisation of NDIS plans.
  • If this process identifies a plan with high utilisation that might run out of funds before the plan end date, the NDIA will contact the participant to initiate arrange an unscheduled plan review so you will continue to receive your supports without disruption.

You can discuss your situation with LACs and Support Coordinators. They can help you meet your support needs within your budget. They can also discuss your options to request a plan review if necessary.

Please see below the complete current NDIS price guide for your perusal.

Price Guide

If you have any queries, please contact our head office on 07 4987 7933.