Each and every day we see the contributions and commitment that people with disability bring to the world and to the workforce. Carey has been working at the Emerald Carwash for three years where he works with Charlie. The team at the Emerald Car wash have demonstrated that disability is not a barrier to employment. Carey assists in keeping the bays and site clean and tidy.  He gives the floors and wall a once over with the hose and performs a pre-wash on vehicles before they enter the bay. He also gets involved cleaning the dog spa.

The placement at the carwash has been an excellent opportunity for Carey as it provides stable employment based on his skills and abilities.  Developing mateship has also been an advantage as Carey often likes to stay for a while after the work has been finished to chat with Charlie about everything from the carwash to the community.

Thank-you Emerald Carwash, you are a community champion who actively works to create a bright and shiny future for workers with disability!

If you’re an employer and want to gain from people’s different backgrounds, perspectives and life experience contact Yumba Bimbi Support Services on 4987 7933.

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