The Gateway Laundromat is another local YB Community Champion actively working to build an inclusive and diverse workforce.  The Gateway Laundromat acknowledges that employment opportunities for people with disability are an essential condition to equal participation in society.

Ashley has worked with the Gateway Laundromat team for the past two years assisting in the cleaning and preparation of linen for the Gateway Motel.  Ashley particularly likes working with the big machines such as the industrial washers and dryers.

Work is something that Ash really looks forward to as he is a valued member of the laundromat team and his work mates enjoy his friendly nature.

Ashley’s supervisor Karen says, “I’m amazed by Ashley.  I love seeing him every Wednesday morning coming in with a smile and giving me a hug.  He loves all the machines, and loves to chat and make us laugh.”

Ashley’s Support Worker Niamh says that she has particularly enjoyed watching Ashley’s growth in the workplace.

“It is amazing to see Ashley’s development from when he started his work 2 years ago – a new environment, new people and unsure of his tasks.  Today, he walks in with confidence, and knows what he has to do and how he needs to do it.  His social skills and communication have improved and he enjoys really positive relationships with his co workers. As a Support Worker it is exciting to see Ashley reach his goal. ”

Thank-you Gateway Laundromat, you are a YB Community Champion working to build inclusive communities!

If you’re an employer and want to gain from people’s different backgrounds, skills and abilities, and life experience contact Yumba Bimbi Support Services on (07) 4987 7933.